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Kashmiri, Wooden Penbox.

Sorry, this box is no longer available.

Another finely painted, lacquered piece, a large Penbox, for storing Calligraphy or Miniature painting implements.
This one from Kashmir has a less structured design than the “qajar” Persian arabesque ones (see PB123),
the Kashmiris filling the field with flowers, are generally more innocent, even casual.
This long wooden box is subtly designed with straight sides and truncated corners.
The eight resultant sides are vertical.
The lid is built up in papier mache over wood, and is convex, domed lengthwise, curving down to the edges on all sides.
The bottom is flat, without the legs that our other penboxes have
(see also PB123 and PB124, if they’re still available.)

The exterior surfaces are richly covered in a black ground almost covered in highly detailed, convoluted mass of interwoven foliage and floral patterns.
Most are in a mid green, detailed with a darker green linework.
Curving areas of Ultramarine (crushed Lapis Lazuli) flowers are in turn defined with fine deep blue detailing, this theme is repeated with an Ivory and fine gold pattern very similar to the one on PB124.
These are all surrounded by out in very fine gold ink linework on the black background.

As the colour itself is “probably” not water proof, I would avoid exposure to damp.
If it didn’t affect the colour it would certainly damage the papier mache, which soaks up moisture and unfortunately expands, damaging and lifting the paintwork.

In good condition, except for some tiny scuffs on the bottom, where it has been worn on a table. And many minor chips on the edges all of which appear to be in areas of plain black, and therefore easily retouched with a black felt pen if you require.
There is one small knock on the lid, about 3 mm square, that reveals the white primer beneath, but it and a few other tiny spots are towards one end.(Indian Ink, would fix this, if felt tip didn’t!)

The interior is an all over old white gesso, and is (only) a little grubby with hints of graphite and hairline cracks appearing at some of the joins (in the corners) but luckily none have opened up.

Age: Early 20 th Century.

Size: L 340 mm X W 104 mm x H 70 mm.

Weight: 419 grams.