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Borneo, Bronze "aso" Earhooks.

Sorry, these wondrous pieces are no longer available.

A pair of cast brass or bronze dragon "aso" earhooks from either Kalimantan or Sarawak, in Borneo. They may be Kayan or Kenyah Tribe, (but I won't be quoted on that) There are a very similar pair, though very polished, in "Ethnic Jewellery" page 229.

Which states "The dragon form is that of the aso, the feminine underworld fertility deity" that is seen in so much of the intricate beading of the region.

I bought them in Indonesia and was told they were from Kalimantan, but that might not be accurate as they may have crossed the border from Sarawak.

They have a darkish patina and I would avoid polishing them as these were the darkest pair I could find. It was a difficult decision but I opted for colour as some indicator of age.

They are not for ordinary ears and will only "fit" lobes that are very well stretched, as even if the thickness is only 6mm (which is about gauge 2) you still have to negotiate the ornate ends which need a hole of about 3 cm.(That's over an inch!) They traditionally dangle swaying on a very stretched lobe of about 3 or more inches, see "Ethnic Jewellery".

So these are probably for the collector, rather than the wearer, unless you try them on a cord as a pendant, this would work very well.

(I will happily slip a black cotton cord on one or both if you like, just ask, it's easilly removed and reapplied. See last photo.)

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: H 41 mm x W 61 mm

Weight: 157 grams pair (81 g and 76 g each)