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Kazak, Brass & Silver Earrings.

 Sorry, this pair of earrings is no longer available.

These conical tear drop Kazak "style" earrings were probably made in Northern Afghanistan by Refugee Silversmiths from Uzbekistan or even Kazakhstan. 

We like to encourage these Smiths to keep making these Traditional beads rather than abandoning them to make newer designs, thereby losing traditional techniques and styles.  

They are basically a hollow inverted cone made of brass with applied stamped silver "false granulation" (mulberries) and other patterns contrasting with the "old gold" of the brass.

The hooks are "normal" thickness and will be approaching if not possibly sterling.

The silver will respond well to an occasional light polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" and the brass will acquire a sort after, mature dark patina if left unpolished.

Age: Contemporary

Size: H 76 mm x W 18 mm

Weight: 14 grams.