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Kazak, Gilt & Silver Earrings.

Sorry, this pair of Kazak Earrings are no longer available, however a similar pair may be here soon, if you're after a pair let us know.

Stunning hollow brass (or “fire gilt” silver) bi cone beads, decorated with applied silver filigree bands and “false granulation.”

Hanging from a decorative silver hook (probably just less than Sterling) that isn’t too thick.
The hooks were very pointy, but I’ve filed the points down, I’d still be careful inserting them!

Very elegant, gently swinging and having no back or front, they’re perfect from all angles.

A gentle polish with a dry polishing cloth will eventually be needed to bring up the silver details, again.
They’re lovely now, and will only improve with age.

Made in Nth Afghanistan by refugee silversmiths, in traditional Kazakh style, often mistaken for Turkoman,
but the details are different i.e. the “false granulation.” which doesn’t appear in Turkoman work.

There may also be some necklaces using these beads on this site that you may like to see, (try KN106, KN107 & KE124)

Age: Contemporary.

Size: H 98 mm x W 15 mm.

Weight: 15 grams.