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Kirghiz, Dangly Coral Earhoops

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Really nice small pair of Kirghiz "gushwar-e kafasi" elaborate silver earhoops, each with a hinged panel containing  a really rich, opaque red glass disc, held in with jagged cut out teeth and flanked by "loop in loop" chain dangles with old Red Coral highlights (one coral is missing from each earring, luckily on opposite sides allowing you to wear the pair with the missing feature away from your face, where it won't be miss or noticed.)  Beneath this is a classic silver dome decorated with rows of granulated "mulberries" and a fringe of filigree loops supporting 12 more "loop in loop" chain and old Red Coral drops.

These old Red Corals have a mellowed older earthy orange to them, quite unlike more recent dyed copies like "bamboo coral" which are much redder. 

The hoop is very simple with a plain loop to lock it and is not too thick, for all but beginners, being just about 1 mm (about 16 gauge.) But with all these jingly embellishments they are not light to wear, be warned, they weigh in at about 40 grams. That's about 20 grams per ear, hmmm.)

Nice relaxed pewtery patina, but could happily respond to a very careful light polish, with a fresh dry silver polishing cloth, to pick up the highlights, whilst leaving the patina in the dents and grooves. (there are a few minor knocks and dents, that go with age, otherwise in good condition.)

They seem to have all their bits except one small coral on each, as mentioned above and the red glass discs have very hand made, interestingly pitted shiny surfaces. Now I hadn't noticed, but when looking at the "blow ups" I realised that there are subtle differences in the details of the domes (a bonus for the collector.) So they may be a recycled, paired pair but a slight difference in any pair makes them more alluring to the viewer.There are signs of newer pins in the hinges, so some repairs have been done, and the fire engine red glass disc may also be a replacement as it has no scratches.( but it's pretty wild and takes them up a notch.)

Very similar examples are to be found on page 101, "A World of Earrings" (Anne van Cutsem) who says of these that the name "gushwar-e kafasi" (birdcage) refers to the dome component, which resembles a birdcage. (Formerly thought to be Kazak, I assume because of the granulation, I know I was hesitant to designate whether Kazak or Kirghiz.)


Age: Mid/Late 20 th Century.

Size: H 96 mm x W 24 mm

Weight: 40 grams.