AUD $120.00

4 "Kazak" Long Silver & Brass Beads.


These 4 long relatively new "Kazak" style brass and silver beads from northern Afghanistan, are a richly useful colour blend working well with either gold or silver ingredients when you string them.

These are contemporary copies of traditional designs, made by hand by refugee silversmiths now resident in Nortern Aghanistan, and as such they are both affordable and their production offers continuity for their traditions, which might otherwise disappear.

They have had a roughly applied "antiquing" using a black alcohol based dye (possibly a spirit based felt tip) if it annoys you any excess can easily be removed with rubber gloves, tissues and Methylated Spirits. (Check the images for dark areas which will carefully wipe off with a wetted tissue, don't drench it you'll remove too much.)

The applied stamped silver designs can be gently polished with a dry "silver polishing cloth" but don't get to carried away or you'll polish the brass too much and you'll lose that lovely "old" feel.

Remember it's best to do any polishing or cleaning in preparation before you start threading.

Each long bead is "biconal" measuring L 54 mm x W 16 mm, with a hole of about mm, I comfortably thread them using a 3 mm bead at each end as a pivot.

We may also have other shapes or sizes available for mixing when you thread up your own design.

Age: Early this Century, they've not been used..

Size: L 54 mm x W 16 mm, each bead

Weight: 24 grams.