AUD $110.00

Kazak, Red Glass & Silver Ring.

A large “tear drop” silver and red glass “Kazak Style” ring.
The box like bezel is highly decorated with applied wedges of stamped “false granulation” and twisted wire filigree borders.
The ring itself is very plain, cut from a sheet and tapered to fit.

A rich almost Dark Age or Medieval piece well suited to Pageantry.

An ocassional light polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth will help bring up the Silver details.

It was made I think by refugee Silversmiths now settled in Afghanistan, not old but therefore in an affordable Kazak style.
Some people mistakenly describe these as Turkoman, well probably the same silver smiths actually make them for both markets, as they always have.
“Turkoman” seems to be an overused term, often misapplied to anything vaguely Tribal or Central Asian.
But I think the “false granulation” mulberry wedges are distinctively Kazak, especially when used over glass.
(Of couse innovative silversmiths might try combining features of both, that’s when the real confusion kicks in.)

And on another level, by buying these we are not only supporting living Silversmiths, but also encouraging them to work in traditional styles and techniques.
Therefore creating a continuance for their culture, which is being smothered by the seductions of the Modern World.

Now settled in towns and villages traditional nomads are more and more being seduced by the now, for modern, and abandoning their distinguishing traditions as old fashioned.

All to often they’re happily aspiring to glitzy mass produced, even machine made, gold pieces from India.

(Oh, and the backgrounds are 19th Century William Morris Wallpaper designs, not Russian Export Cottons, however, the latter would have been influenced by whatever was popular in Europe at the time.
And I’m sure William Morris, Liberty and the Arts and Crafts movement, as a whole, would have liked this traditionally handcrafted ring.)

Age: Late 20 th/Early 21st Century.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: L 51 mm x W 38 mm (Face.) Finger Size “U”.(U.S. 10.25)

Weight: 21 grams.