AUD $88.00

Kazak, Silver & Glass Earrings.


A solid pair of classic oval “Kazakh” earrings, but made in Northern Afghanistan by refugee silversmiths.
The flat oval and raised boxlike centre are decorated with silver wire filigree, enclosing the oval, deep red glass insert.

A dusty residue lurks in the recesses, if I’ve missed any, just gently rub or blow it out, rather than washing it, you never know…
(often bulky/hollow Tribal pieces are packed with mud or paper which collapses when wet, the stone then drops ….
and as you don’t know when this packing has been used, it’s best to avoid soaking any bulky/hollow Tribal piece.)

Oh, on that note, another Tribal technique used in bulky rings, cuffs etc. involves a resin or bitumen filler.
These can melt when subjected to extreme heat, like for instance, in a shop window where the morning sun can get them.
(Over time you gain experience.)

The hooks are a normal/wearable thickness, but might be less than Sterling.
They have a really nice substance and simplicity to them, without being heavy.

We may have other designs in this range, see also KE110, KE111, KE112 & KE113, then there are rings to match (see KR105) and of course you can just search Kazak Earrings.

Age: Contemporary.

Size: L 75 mm x W 19 mm

Weight: 14 grams.