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Kazak, Silver & Lapis Necklace.

Sorry, this vibrant Lapis neck is no longer available. I could probably make a similar one if asked.

 This incredible, short necklace threaded with handmade stamped silver and brass Kazak "style" beads has some enormous round Afghan Lapis Lazuli beads.

These Lapis beads from the same mines in NE Afghanistan, where they have been mined for over 5,000 years, are still brought out on pony back and now cut in Pakistan. These are some of the largest we've handled. They have a lovely "denimy" blue flecked with white, clear and rich ultramarine. (This colour variation indicates that the stone is natural and not dyed, uniform deep blue can sometimes mean it has been tampered with.)

The Kazak "style" beads were probably made in Northern Afghanistan by Refugee Silversmiths from Uzbekistan or even Kazakhstan. 

We like to encourage these Smiths to keep making these Traditional beads rather than abandoning them to make newer designs, thereby losing traditional techniques and styles.  

Most are brass with stamped silver "false granulation" and other patterns contrasting with the "old gold" of the brass. The central largest bead is inlaid with real Lapis chips whilst the smaller ones have deep blue resin, which works well too.

The clasp, with a little decoration,  is a handmade Sterling Silver "fob" from Bali.

The whole result is a very rich and powerful mix, excellent for wearing with a very plain outfit, especially with blue or grey eyes. (But the brass will go well with hazel and brown eyes too!)

(I know it's not accurate but this blue and gold combination always reminds me of Egyptian pieces, although this neck has a romantically historic feel that isn't linked to any specific period.)

I've threaded them on very durable, double "tiger tail" but if you scrunch it you'll kink it irrepairably.


Also, when carefully polishing it with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" hold onto an individual bead in one hand and polish it with the cloth wrapped round a finger on the other hand, this achieves a good pressure without stretching the necklace. It won't need a lot of polishing as you only want to pick up the raised patterns.

 The overall length is 54.5 cm but you'll need to allow for the thickness of the beads if it might be a tight fit. Its internal measure could be about 48 cm.

Age: Mostly this century, the Lapis may be earlier.

Size: 54.5 cm

Weight: 130 grams.