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Kazak, Silver & Glass Pendant

Sorry this pendant is no longer available.
A classic Kazak Pendant. Large boxlike, hollow silver oval, the front a mild fire gilt, decorated with stamped silver borders and “false granulation” wedges, forming a talismanic, dynamic “sun” design , surrounding a central flat, oval red glass.
(this glass is often made of more than one piece, mosaiced under the silver decoration.)

The Kazaks are known for their use of “false granulation” wedges over the top of the glass. Something unobtainable with genuine granulation, as that requires red hot heat to be applied, to solder the individual grains. This of course would damage the glass.

The “box” is 7 mm thick, but doesn’t open.

Incidently there is now a small hole in the centre of the reverse. This hole is, we assume, the result of a Customs inspection done over there. As all “boxlike” or possibly hollow pieces in the parcel were gouged to check their contents, (which incidently is usually dried mud or a resin.)
We’ve sealed the hole with silicon, though it’s more of a conversation piece than a worry.
The two suspension rings are each 5 mm, suiting a medium chain or cord.

It could of course be used as an impressive centrepiece, in your own large necklace, too.
This piece is fairly contemporary, probably made in Sterling Silver or close by refugee Silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan.
Good to see them using traditional techniques and styles to continue Tribal traditions that might otherwise be lost to “modernity.”

Age: Late 20th century.

Size: W 83 mm x H 72 mm (inc rings)

Weight: 100 grams