AUD $240.00

Kazak Silver Pendant

Sorry, this pendant is no longer available. 

This impressive sterling silver Kazak "false prayerbox" set with a protective engraved green agate.

It also resembles an "asyk" and is constructed like a hollow box which has then been filled with a reinforcing resin.

The front surface is decorated with a vocabulary of Kazak details including granulation and filigree work, whereas the reverse is plain other than for a tiny "925" stamp. This piece was made by refugee silversmiths based in Afghanistan in a traditional style using traditional techniques.

This piece is a "false prayer box" in that it doesn't open and therefore can't contain a prayer, however it has overtime assumed the same protective qualities as one that would.

The two suspension holes measure 5 mm, and would accomodate a chain or thick cord, but probably not a choker.

Avoid excessive polishing, maybe an occasional rub with a dry "silver polishing cloth".

Age: Early 21st Century

Size: H 59 mm x W 59 mm

Weight: 70 grams