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Kazak Tiger Eye Necklace

Here's a simple necklace for someone who likes their browns, featuring a central "Kazak" brass and silver bead set with "carnelian" coloured resin, two smaller ones echo it flanked by rich red Carnelians amidst Golden Tiger Eye beads. Incidently, these "Kazak" beads are made in Northern Afghanistan by refugee silversmiths from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, who fled the Soviet Russians years ago, it's good to see them working in Traditional styles and techniques rather than tasteless modern ones.

All the smaller beads areĀ Sterling SilverĀ as is the "S" hook.

It's threaded on Tiger Tail, which is the strongest thread I can get, but it kinks terribly if you scrunch or fold it, SO DON'T ! It can stretch too if you are careless...otherwise it's the best there is.

Should you decide to polish it hold the individual bead and use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" to carefully bring up the detail.

Age: Contemporary

Size: Length 525 mm x D 20 mm

Weight: 64 grams