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Kazak, Wide Silver Cuff.


 Sorry, this decorative cuff is no longer available. However we may still have a quite similar one onsite just search KC108.

A wide fairly simple silver Kazak cuff (well, simple compared to the elaborate ones around.)
With filigree and applied stamped borders combined with decorative lozenges.

A straight band of silver 39 mm wide.

The gap is currently 27 mm, it's not a thick piece of silver but is flexible enough to be slightly adjustable, but only with extreme care.
I’d carefully adjust it to fit once then enter and exit it with out more than a slight stretch.
(Inserting the finger and thumb, stretching slightly then entering at the narrowest point on the wrist.
That’s above that knob of bone, not chewing your way where all tha tendons are!
Once again with out pressure, using a fluttering action.)

Minimise any attempt to open or close, when putting onto the wrist or during removal. Turning your wrist and wrapping your other hand around the metal. Leaving the gap uncovered, and repeatedly applying slight pressure, will tighten it once on.
The applied energy escapes out the gap, rather than into the metal.
It’s most at risk during careless removal.

Repeated adjustment/pressure will cause a weak spot, which will eventually and inevitably break.

This piece and it’s pair KC108 are contemporary, being unstamped with “925” and therefore not officially made of Sterling Silver. We call it Tribal Silver and this appears to be close to Sterling and was made by refugee silversmiths settled in Northern Afghanistan.
However, please note, by purchasing these more modern pieces, we encourage silversmiths to continue using traditional styles and techniques. Techniques that may otherwise be lost or replaced by tasteless Modern styles, or even cheap looking mass produced gold.

Being Tribal Silver it will respond well to judicious polishing with a dry “Silver Polishing Cloth”.
It has a fairly grey patina in the recesses with the highpoints shiny, it will only improve with wear and occasional polishing.

The background, by the way, is a block printed cotton back of an embroidered silk fronted woman's Kurta from Sindh. (See PK100)

Age: Contemporary

Size: Wrist L 58 mm x D 49 mm x cuff width 39 mm

Weight: 34 grams.