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Kazakh, Wedding Decoration "Tuskiz"

A large hand embroidered cotton wedding hanging,(tuskiz) made for display in a nomadic Kazakh felt yurt.
These portable tents were decorated on the inside with colourful woven, felted and embroidered carpets, covers, bags, bands and hangings made by the women.
Among these were the beautiful “tuskiz”, which adorned the main wall and typically featured floral embroidery and designs reminiscent of the patterns on felted carpets, ancient or modern.
A Kazakh bride would bring the “tuskiz” with her to her husband’s yurt as a part of her dowry.
The quality of the embroidery reflects her full skills and consequently her value as a wife.
And this beautifully hand embroidered “chainstitch” is so regular that it resembles machine work.

On a dull black cotton backing, brilliantly coloured cotton_"chainstitch" rams’ horns, flowers and plantforms, are now in mellowed colours including rich ultramarine, crimson/burgundy, emerald, ivory and olive.
The outer burgundy satin border on the top and two sides is reinforced with an interlocking grid of white machine stitching that looks like quilting. This border only covers three sides with the fourth or bottom, left unfinished because it isn’t visible when hung, as stacked bedding (" ") and bags, would fill the lower feature wall, behind the bride and groom.
The reverse is backed with a collage of fabrics, including very coarse handwoven natural cotton and a Russian Print Cotton, covered in gently coloured, “autumnal cotton blossoms and bursting pods.”
But this, is in turn covered in a mesmerific swirl of fine lines of coloured stitches which are the outlines of the design, seen from behind.
In fine condition with some very minor and to be expected wear.
This doesn’t detract from it, rather emphasizing its genuine age.
It’s dated and signed " 1973 "

For a contemporary wallhanging it would be easy to suspend it from a rod, by just sewing loops along the top at regular intervals.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 122 cm x W 190 cm (H 48 ins x W 75 ins)

Weight: 1,468 grams.