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Khurasan Candelabra

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A three piece brass columnar Candelabra for raising and supporting an Oil Lamp.
Constructed in three interlocking sections comprising;
a round, domed base, decorated with bands of engraved ”Khufic” script and three raised stylized ”lion’s heads”,
a central hollow baluster shaft, with a pierced ”tear drop” opening in the middle, and bands of text,
a round tray on top, with raised pierced wall and engraved bands of text surrounding a central human headed winged lion.

The whole candelabra has a lovely dark patina, with some hints of green on the shaft and patches of accretions here and there. These and the colour of the brass indicate to me both long burial and probably prior to that exposure to fire. As Genghis and the Hordes swept through here at this time, both assumptions are likely. The base has a coppery red patina (heat) over most of it’s surface but not over the bands of engraved text, giving the metal a deep warmth. It could be that the red patina has been rubbed back to reveal these texts, but by the colour of the brass this was done some time in the past, as the brass has darkened again since then.

If you wanted an appropriate Oil Lamp to sit on it, I’d suggest you see this Islamic Period Oil Lamp This old oil lamp has the same age and red tone, with a little more green verdigris, but would still make an excellent match. I’ve included an image of it here for comparison, see the 2nd last photo.

This domed base is unusual, hollow with a flat, open bottom, unlike the more common style having three legs supporting the dome. The solid raised Lion heads are rare too, I’m told they’re lions, but I find them very humanoid.
You obviously wouldn’t polish a piece like this as you would only be removing it’s history.

Origin: Persia
Age: 11th to 12th Century

Size:H 56 cm W 20 cm