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Kirghiz, Turquoise and Coral Ring

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A square or diamond silver ring with a centre tiny Red Coral, flanked by four varied blue green Turquoise domes, surrounded by twelve Red Corals and four tiny blue Turquoises, in the corners.

The band is narrow but decorated with a row of tiny bosses and borders.

The 20 mm x 20 mm square sits diagonally on the finger creating a diamond.

This design is very useful if you find it needs to be temporarily made smaller.
Here’s a Tribal solution that turned up on a Pashtun Nomad ring, all she had was cotton and ingenuity…..
Simply use black cotton to go round where the curve of the ring meets the diamond plate.
This will be invisible, after a few turns use a needle to start crossing over, by doing a figure “8” through the ring and around it.
This will build up to form a cushion that will both make the ring smaller and keep it in place, on the finger.
Later, when you swell in hot weather, just cut it off, as you need.

The silver has acquired a mellow, deep patina, which would respond well to a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing cloth.

We have another similar ring, see TR136, if it’s still available.

By the way the background is a nineteenth century shawl design from Paisley in Scotland, once again you can recognize the cross referencing and copying that went on.
The similarities to the shawls of Paris and Kashmir, and the Russian Cottons exported to the Central Asian peoples are obvious.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: “K +” (US 5.5)

Weight: 13 grams.