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Kirghiz, Domed "Hat" ring.

Sorry, this ring is no longer available. But you may want to check the other Kirgiz rings we have. 

Rather like a Tibetan Hat, this silver dome decorated with rows of applied "mulberries", topped with a pale blue turquoise and surrounded with a rim full of alternating burgundy glass and turquoise beads.

This rim is flat slicing the top off the tapering, plain silver ring, so it isn't a full circle. This makes it difficult to measure accurately. The Knuckle is about "O" (US 7) or "P" (US 7.5) however there is extra room for some plumpness in the top corners.

I've said it is Kirghiz, because of the small stones. However the silver "mulberries" whilst being pretty Tajik, are happily used by the Kirghiz. On the other hand it may have been made by refugees in Afghanistan, who's to know?

The silver has a lovely tone contrasting well with the dark grimy recesses. (In blown up images this appears to be a bituminous resin that has been rubbed into the recesses, thereby contrasting with the shiny silver highpoints.)

Don't dip it in cleaners, chemicals or hot dishwashing! Over exposure to heat may melt it.

And be gentle when you give it a rub with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, it may adhere to the cloth!

Age: Late last century.

Size: Knuckle about "O" or "P" (US 7 or 7.5ish)

Weight: 17 grams.