AUD $160.00

Swat Valley, Embroidered Longsleeved Top

A simple black, longsleeved cotton top with magenta and crimson silkfloss embroidered panels.
From the lower valley of the Swat Valley, in NW Pakistan, defined by the use of brilliant “magenta/pink”, crimson and a tiny amount of yellow.

Distinguished from the higher slopes pieces, from further North which produce cruder designs using only the brilliant magenta/pinks.
The chest panel duplicates the area of a wide “neck tie” which includes recycled old aluminium and plastic buttons, which ironically are decorative and don’t open!

The dull slightly faded black cotton has been totally and meticulously hand sewn, with beautifully even tiny stitches. (It’s so even I almost thought it was machined!) The opening to the bib at the front is a bluff sewn closed with a row of buttons, there are three odd, old aluminium buttons and one odd one, in old beige plastic.

Entry is achieved by undoing the button/loop at the back of the neck.
The sleeves are very wide and plain black like the back.

Accross the lower stomach another protective/decorative panel forms a central horizontal band accross the hem, to protect the tribes future generations.

A wickedly vibrant red, yellow and emerald imported floral print cotton has been used for the underarm gussets.

Many small panels of the black cotton have been patchworked into the sleeves, both to utilize fabric and sometimes to simulate the humility of the patched clothes of “Sufi” mendicants.

The cut of this top is very generous with many extra pieces of fabric inserted, whilst fitting about a size 10, I’d say there’s a lot of room to move.

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: W 154 cm accross the shoulders cuff to cuff. H 88 cm from shoulder to hem.

Weight: 472 grams.