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Kungrat Uzbek, Glass Bead Necklace.

A brilliant multistranded tubular net necklace of translucent glass seed beads.
The variety of beads and colours used, combined with the colour variations (abrash)within any one colour group, add to its vitality and richness.
Threaded on a strong cotton and long enough to be worn over the head, it supports two central old and very worn coins.
These are flanked with rugged red glass beads imitating “red coral” and worn for the same protective purposes, and two white spotted black beads that may be old or are imitating old Venetian Trade Beads from the nineteenth century.
The complicated threading needs to be studied up close to be fully appreciated, but the general affect achieved when worn is very satisfying.
Probably best worn with a plain colour, but there are obviously lots of colours it will go with and compliment.
I’ve included a shot of the last beads before you get to the string at the back, just to glimpse the joyous mixture of old beads. (There’s even one small brass bell she couldn’t resist using!)
They’re in good condition although some are showing wear, understandably as they can have been used over and over.
It does up with a loop and blue glass “camel bead” as a toggle, which is surprisingly secure during wear.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size; 840 mm (beads) 125 mm extra with thread.

Weight: 177 grams.