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Kushan Bronze Coin and Silver Cuff.

Here’s a handmade plain Sterling Silver Wrist Cuff, featuring a rather old Bronze “Kushan” Coin from Bactria, in presentday Afghanistan.

The Kushan Empire. (Circa 125 BC – 357 AD) think back to the nomadic turmoil that saw the Chinese start building the Great Wall.
Driven out of China by the Hsiung-nu, the Yuehi-chi (who became known as the Kushans) invaded from the North overrunning the Greek speaking Bactrian Kingdom, that had continued after the death of Alexander the Great.
The Kushans adopted the Bactrian Greek text and are known for their Hellenistic influenced statuary and imagery as seen in Ghandaran Buddhism. (Remember the Bamian Buddhas.) Entering India they conquered as far as Varanasi and in so doing met up with Buddhism along the way.

The image isn’t clear but some of the Greek text is visible forming a crescent, most details being obscured by some encrustation.
This coin has survived buried since then and has acquired a rich dark patina contrasting nicely with the bright new silver.
When this silver eventually oxidizes just give it a gentle polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

Don’t dip or polish the coins, you’ll only rub off the patina, revealing a fresh shiny copper underneath.

Remember, even when two coins have been struck from the same die, they vary.
This is because to produce a coin in ancient times a slug of red hot metal was struck between two engraved bronze dies.
The hot slug then squished out of shape between them, taking the detail onto its surface, deforming horizontally in the process.

Perfectly duplicated, matching designs and shapes indicate casting from a single original, which is not the case with these coins.

This stylishly plain cuff, that can very carefully be reshaped in small increments, has an opening of 17 mm.
To fit your wrist, only stretch it slightly (to about 25 mm at most) to gently flutter a limp, unstrained wrist into it.
Clenching tightens your tendons and means you have to force it using unnecessary pressure.
To close it again turn your wrist over and wrap your other hand around the metal gently closing the gap.
This directs the energy out the gap rather than towards the coin, where energy meeting the solid creates weakness!

Minimise stretching or altering the shape, as this is the easiest, quickest way to destroy any silver cuff!

Just wonderful for those who want something a little different, what a conversation starter….
or a perfect gift for your loved one.

Please note stock of these is very limited.

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Age: Contemporary Sterling, using a Kushan coin circa 125 AD – 200 AD.

Size: L 63 mm x W 44 mm x D 21 mm, coin diameter 19 mm.

Weight: 30 grams.