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Kushan, Engraved Bronze Ring.

Sorry, this very lovely little old ring has gone to a good home.

We may, however, still have a similar one still available.

 An ancient oval (or eye) bronze ring with an engraved "Pelican" (when you own it you can ponder about its meaning, the best I can do is a short legged long beaked bird) from the Kushan Empire of Northern India and Afghanistan.

Long buried the bronze has a very deep tone with a light allover green "verdigris" patina. (On the "eye shaped" face the surface is rubbed back to deep rich bronze with the green patina mainly in the recesses, emphasizing the design nicely.)

Now, I'm assuming it's a "Pelican" in keeping with the Indus Valley Civilisation, but there was a time where I even saw a seated Buddha, but now I think that was upside down. It may even have been used as a seal as the engraving would reproduce well, and the ring has the form of a "signet ring".

As a cast "signet ring" it's solid looking with a flat face, the finger hole is almost round, fitting a Size "I" (US 4.25) finger.

But I wouldn't wear it a lot as the patina and encrustation would become scratched or wear off over time. (I've been rubbing my thumb over the face and this has enhanced the image, perhaps it's just body oil on the bronze but it works brilliantly. A customer has just bought one of these and has "polished" it by rubbing with her thumb, whilst bonding, the result is dark and shiny. So light body oil is all that is needed.)

It surprises me how similar these are to Roman Bronze Rings of the same period, maybe just more evidence of trade and travel.

Age: 1st - 3rd Century AD.

Size: About a finger size of "I" (US 4.25) The oval face measures 11 mm x 20 mm.

Weight: 7 grams.