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Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Abdul has found these rich, deep Ultramarine Blue Lapis Lazuli pieces in Pakistan, where they were cut.

Before that though, these Lapis were mined high in the mountains of North Eastern Afghanistan, brought out on pony back along trecherously narrow trails, for over 5,000 years.

Lapis Lazuli, known as the “Stone of Heaven”, was traded extensively through Persia (Ishtar, “Our Lady of Lapis”) then as diplomatic gifts to Egypt, in Pharoanic times.

Later in the Dark and Middle Ages it was traded through Europe, (even travelling as far as Ireland) for grinding down to make the Ultramarine pigment used to paint the Madonna’s robe, in Illuminated manuscripts.

Here, we’ve individually chosen some beautiful pieces of rich, undyed (note the colour changes and paler veining), deep blue Lapis Lazuli.
It’s the richness, depth and colour variations that add to it’s appeal.

These we have had hand set for us in Kathmandu, in clean, stylish sterling silver earrings.

These lovely earrings have a convex mid Ultramarine stone with deeper patches, clouds and flecks dissected by a few fine white streaks.

Set with plain silver and a simple standard earhook.

Note: I’ve just realised how difficult it is to capture the magic of Lapis in a photograph, these stones are far better in reality.
And yes, they are both the same size. It’s just the perspective in the photo making the furthest smaller.

Size: H 37 mm x W 11 mm.

Weight: 13 grams.