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Lapis "Rhoda Wager" Ring.

Sorry, this item is no longer available. Although a new batch of many colours should be available soon.

This is a custom handmade sterling silver copy of an original 1942 ring, by the Australian Woman Designer, Rhoda Wager.

Known for her sinuous designs often incorporating Australian Native flowers and foliage, Rhoda Wager designs are now highly sort after and collectable. (Our original is a favourite and very loved.)

Here I’ve taken our genuine Cherry Amber heirloom Rhoda Wager ring to Indonesia and had it hand copied, in Sterling Silver, setting it with an oval soft Ultramarine “Cabachon” Lapis Lazuli. A lovely night sky with soft cloud and twinkling tiny golden Pyrites stars.

Each silver smiths’ work is slightly different and different countries and their traditions can also vary from the original. (One year we had a challenge, and got them made in India and Indonesia to compare their interpretations. They differed, but each had its particular charm, although the Indian ones may have been closer, that time.)

Anyway this one is the last that we have, with its flowers and vines on a double band, a different mood to all the plain modern designs we see today.

Age: Early this century.

Size: For a finger size “J.5”, (US 5).

Weight: 6 grams.