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Carved Lapis & Silver Brooch

Sorry, this lovely Lapis Lazuli Brooch is no longer available. We may however still have some similar one soon. 

An oval Lapis Lazuli carved with a pair of small birds on a blossom branch, set as a Brooch. (full of the promise of Spring !)

The stone is Afghan and the carving Chinese, whilst the Sterling Silver Brooch was made for us in Indonesia.

The grain and colour of the Lapis seems to become part of the scene, with paler clouds against a denim blue spring sky (finely sprinkled with a dusting of "golden" Pyrites flecks.

We've kept the silver fairly plain with two rows of round "granules" rather than a conflicting pattern that may have competed with the detail in both the carving and the mottled "denim" colour of the stone itself.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 43 mm x W 37 mm

Weight: 20 grams