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Large Chung dZi Bead

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A large 5 Stripe "Chung dZi" bead, very dark Umber Agate barrel with 5 narrow Grey/White "bleached" stripes. The surface has a "matte" tone from many tiny scratches that gives it a mellowness, also achieved by the faded "white becoming grey" of the stripes.

At each end there is wear from rubbing against other beads on the string, this occurs upto 6mm from the end at each end. The holes are about 2.5 mm, one hole is slightly elongated (oval) from the cord continually rubbing, this corresponding with the external wear.

These "bleached" stone beads are believed to have originated in the Indus Valley and traded from there up into Tibet as far back as the Pre Buddhist "Bon" Religion. The "protective powers" they believed the beads had, guaranteed their continual wear.

Some were handed down through generations, some were lost, others may have been buried or burnt in cremations, later being found and worn again. Tibetan Buddhism doesn't allow Archaeology, so specific excavated facts can't place most "dZi" beads accurately in time.

This large bead is said to have started out in Baluchistan/Indus Valley before being carried to the Himalayas, where it was eventually found in Nepal.

Apart from all the tiny wear on the surface this bead is in great condition, with one fine 1 cm crack running from the hole out to the first grey line (see image)

Age: Circa 500 BC - 200 AD

Size: L 86 mm x W 20 mm, hole 2.5 mm

Weight: 53 grams