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Large Enamelled Silver Beads

Sorry, these gorgeous beads are no longer available.   

This wonderful necklace has 19 large embossed silver beads with richly coloured enamelling, and very worn, smaller, old silver beads making up the back of the neck.

The main beads are heavily carved and embossed then enamelled with deep translucent ultramarine blue and emerald green, with burgundy and pale opaque blue details.

They are securely strung on an original cord and have been worn for some time in this form, but the smaller silver beads have seen a lot of more wear before this and have mellowed and worn superbly.

I can't see any need to polish this piece but when it does need it, just use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" with some care to bring up the silver highlights.

I'm not totally sure of their origins but the blue and green enamelling may point us towards Multan in southern Pakistan, which is famous for its enamelling. However, the large carved and embossed silver beads feel quite Indian,

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: L 910 mm (beads L 35 mm x D 31 mm)

Weight: 416 grams