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Large Peking Glass Bead

 Sorry, this old bead is no longer available.

An old, rather large, translucent Peking Glass Bead, which whilst molten has been wound with crumbs of opaque pastel yellow, bugrundy, blue and green glass which have become fused inside the body. a third of it's area. 

In so doing they have softened their outlines and appear to float in the glass. These areas of colour on this particular bead are clearly defined with some hard edges, whereas our other examples are more blurred.

The surface has quite a bit of heavy pitting over about a third of it's area.

I would assume it's 19th Century or at the very least late Ching Dynasty (ie pre 1911)

The hole is 6 x 6 mm, being slightly smaller at one end (6 x 5 mm)


Age: 19th Century

Size: D 33 mm x H 32 mm

Weight: 52 grams