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Large Polished Lapis Lazuli.

Sorry, this glorious piece of Lapis is on HOLD. (If you want to put your name down incase it should become available, then let us know.)

A magnificent chunk of Lapis Lazuli, from the Panshir Valley in North Eastern Afghanistan, where they’ve been mining it by hand for over 5,000 years.
Brought out along the same narrow mountain trails on pony back, as it was for the Persians and the Pharoahs.

This lovely piece has been lightly sculpted in curves, then highly polished to utilize and bring out the range of denim and ultramarine blues, some intensely deep, others paler, brighter or patterned with a school of swirling dots.

White streaks and a large “feather” indicate to me that this piece hasn’t been dyed like some of the uniformly intense blue pieces you see around.

A scattering of tiny “golden” Pyrites highlights and some larger clear crystals in the “white feather” add to the variety and visual texture.

Weighing over a kilo, it sits steadily on its small flat base, flairing up like a flame.
(on reflection, if you have a torch bearing statue, here’s a lovely rich blue flame!)

Freestanding it makes a decorative conversation piece, but on a personal note, it is very smooth and deliciously sensuous to handle.

Age: Late 20 th Century.

Size: H 135 mm x W 110 mm x D 60 mm.

Weight: 1081 grams.