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Large Roman Bronze Coin Ring

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This oval coppery bronze Imperial Roman coin was found in Eastern Europe, then taken to Indonesia where we have had it handset into a large modern plain Sterling Silver Ring for us.

This coin dates from somewhere in the 2nd Century AD. This coin features a profile of the Emperor Trajan, (reigned 98 AD -117 AD.)  Considered one of the five good emperors he expanded the Empire to its greatest territorial extent, bringing Armenia and Mesopotamia into the Empire.

It's set into a simple, smoothly organic modern ring with no decoration. We've deliberately left an opening in the back to partially reveal the reverse of the coin, there is a walking Goddess.

The front surface is in good condition with nice definition, the surface is almost matte with very fine pitting. The patina however is not an umdery bronze with  the embossed profile being subtly defined.

An occasional careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the shine on the silver, when it needs it.

But be careful not to scratch or polish the coin as you would only be removing the patina of age. The rounded sculptural ring will fit a finger size of "X" (which is about US 11.75)

You may also find Roman Coin Earrings, Pendants and Rings listed in our Antiques & Antiquities section as the coin is ancient even though tthe silver work is contemporary.

Age: Coin circa 141 AD, Silver Contemporary

Size: Coin W 27 mm x H 25 mm. 

Weight: 23 grams