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Large Roman Coin Pendant

Sorry, this ring is no longer available. However, we may have more similar ones soon.

This large bronze Imperial Roman coin was found in Eastern Europe, (in Yugoslavia, I think) then taken to Indonesia where we have had it handset into a hinged Sterling Silver Pendant for us.

This coin dates from somewhere in the 1st Century Ad on through to the 4th Century AD spanning the era of the Emperors, with a crowned profile of the Emperor Caracalla (of the Baths) minted in Serdica, (present day Sofia,Bulgaria) in his reign 198 - 217 AD.

We've deliberately left the back open to reveal the reverse of the coin, where a standing draped figure of the Goddess Tyche is still visible.

The front surface is quite heavily pitted with many small scratches that have since been re patinated with a dark "Burnt Umber" tone.

On both sides plonk in the centre there is a small (1 mm) indentation where I assume someone somewhere in history had a shot at puncturing the coin (?) it remains a dent as they didn't succeed. (this seems to happen a lot with Roman coins ?)

I rather like the heavy silver detailing of the hinged 4 mm wide suspension ring (which has a 5mm opening which will comfortably take a chain, cord or choker) and is edged in a simple double step with a single "twisted wire" that complements the darkness of the pitted bronze surface.

An occasional careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the shine on the silver, when it needs it. But be careful not to scratch or polish the coin as you would only be removing the patina of age. There are a few small moments on the surface where there are minor glimpses of the shiny bronze beneath the patina, they aren't a big deal, but avoid increasing them as by then they might be.


Age: Coin circa 198 - 217 AD. Silver Contemporary

Size: H 48 mm x W 34 mm

Weight: 27 grams