AUD $130.00

Masaii, Brass Ear Coils


Here are a pair of very "hand beaten" brass coils, which are worn over the head, hanging down as "temporals" over the temples, in front of their ears, by Masaii women in Kenya. These quite patinated round brass coils are joined with a thin strip of rawhide knotted onto them. (this ends in a tapered natural end, rather than a tear which would indicate that they weren't originally sewn.) They have an almost rounded "squarish" hammered profile slightly flattened to aid in the coiling.

Collected used and already old by Pete Baumgarten in the mid 1970's, for the exhibitons he used to have on his return, before he opened our shop. They've been hanging decorating the walls in our workshop for decades now, since he departed for warmer climes.

It would seem obvious to me that you wouldn't attempt polishing them, as it has taken many decades for them to acquire this colour. If you want them shiny buy some new "touristy" ones. As these are intact and quite collectable because of their condition alone.

We may still have a similar but older pair, see ME101.

Age: Mid 20th Century

Size: W 49 mm X L 462 mm (including leather.)

Weight: 72 grams