AUD $98.00

Matte Gold Plated Earrings

An extraordinary pair of matte gold plated silver hinged hoop earrings that remind me of the gold leaf harps in Gustav Klimt's Beethoven frieze (a copy of which has just been on show here at the NGV "Viennese Exhibition" giving us all a chance to experience it outside books.)

They are pretty well flat and have a very long earwire which is hinged allowing easy access with minimal damage to the earring.

The matte gold plating though can scratch if you treat them badly so don't ie DON'T throw them in your Jewellery Box or Handbag.... (some do think this is normal.)

They are actually brushed (textured) Sterling Silver which has then been 22ct Gold Plated, if you scratch them through the gold and into the textured silver you get a silver scar that is best avoided, with minimal care. Perhaps wrap them seperately in a tissue or cloth for transport or storage.

We found them on our last trip to Thailand and only have two pairs so hopefully they won't turn up everywhere..

Age: Contemporary

Size: H 81 mm x W 34 mm

Weight: 9 grams