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"Mauritanian Cross" Ring.

Sorry this ring is on hold (from 5.2.15  for two weeks) after that feel free to enquire about it.
This is a handmade copy of a “Mauritanian Cross” Ring, from the Western Sahara, in Pete Baumgartens’ collection.
The original was collected on his travels in Africa in the 1970’s, before Palm Beads opened.
This Sterling Silver copy was handmade for us in Indonesia and translates beautifully.
The refinement of the saw cuts that produce the design, define its elegant simplicity.
We like the fact it is hand made, as was the original, rather than a clumsier cast copy.

The thick cross (1.5 mm) is mounted on a plain 3 mm band that would fit a finger size “S.5” (US 9.5)

Remember, choose the ring you love and if it gets onto your hand, you’ll be right.
As fingers swell and shrink with the heat and weather conditions, these factors will decide which of your fingers is the correct one, at any given time.

Then again if you love it and it doesn’t fit a skilled Silversmith can easily resize it for you.

Minor size reduction can be done by winding black cotton around the junction of the cross and the ring.
After circling a few times start then to do figure eights, to build a cushion where it crosses.
This keeps the ring on and keeps it in place if you have thinner fingers, after the knuckle.
If the weather gets warmer and you swell, then simply remove the cotton.

Being sterling this ring responds well to polishing with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

Age: Early 1990’s.

Size: L 20 mm x W 19 mm across the cross.

Weight: 7 grams.