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Moghul Silver Coin Ring

Sorry, this ring is no longer available. However MC104 may still be available. 

There’s something solid and chunky about the simplicity of this "old"  coin set onto a solid tapering band.

It’s said that this is a Moghul coin, of which there were many over the centuries that they ruled India, what’s now Pakistan and Afghanistan.
For Moghul just think of the Red Forts and Taj Mahal, for starters.

If it was genuine, it would predate 1857, as that’s when the “Indian Mutiny” against the British Raj, took place. The last Moghul ruler thought it wiser not to be seen to take sides, and the British saw that as an excuse to finally depose him.

I’ve read that the British produced thousands, if not millions of the 18th century “Maria Theresa Thaler” to trade to tribes, who used them in jewellery, throughout Nth Africa, the Middle East and India, even up till the First World War.

It’s said they may also have minted Moghul coins for this trade too, but I haven’t verified this, yet.

Either way I think this coin is a copy, how recently copied I'm not sure, measuring about 19 mm accross the coin.

This tradition of wearing coins in dowry and wedding jewellery is seen in many cultures.

Melted down for their silver content or set complete into jewellery as coins, retaining their value and having amuletic value as well as visual appeal.

I like the fact that these  are double sided, and set revealing their reverse rather than being single sided fakes, and that they're wonky having been individually “struck” from a slug of hot silver, rather than cast identical and perfect from a mould. (as you see even in big name designer reproduction pieces.)

The ring itself is no more than ten years old, with a thick semi circular (5 mm) band that has a casting knob at the back adding to its chunkiness (and usually seen in Persian rings, hmm.)

Be gentle with that dry Silver Polishing Cloth, when you polish it, as the coin appears fairly worn and you need a little patina to show off the exquisite writing all over its face.

Don’t use a cream or liquid cleaner on it.

We have two of these coins rings, so for other sizes and slightly different coins, see also MC105.

Age; Probably a copy of pre 1857, the Moghul Dynasty dates back to the 16th Century.

Size: Finger “P” (US 7.5 ) Coin diam. 19 mm.

Weight: 14 grams.