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Moroccan, Enamelled Earrings. 111

Sorry, this rich pair of earrings are no longer available. We may still have a similar. A brightly coloured pair of Moroccan Silver Earrings, their triangular face has a central raised silver knob surrounded by a silver "rosette" design, in a deep ultramarine blue enamel field,

From the "ante Atlas" region of Southern Morocco.

They're relatively new and in perfect condition with a bold design defined punched and inscribed circles with wire "cloisonnes" that seperate the coloured enamels, all surrounding a central shiny silver  knob. There is even a Celtic, Barbarian feel to this design but that's a whole other story what with the Celtic Moroccan Visigoth connections....

Then there's the fact these are actually genuine baked glass enamels to be savoured!

They hang from a seperate standard ear wire allowing extra movement when worn.

They are a high grade silver, close to Sterling if not actually, but unstamped. If you're allergic and unfortunate enough to find they affect your lobes, just clean the wire with Pure Alcohol or Metho to remove any greasy finger prints then coat it with clear nail polish. If you don't degrease first it you won't get 100% coverage. Or, and it is unlikely, just get the earwire changed over to Sterling Silver, if you have too.

A  careful polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth, when you think they need it, will reveal the detail of its silver outlines within the rich colour fields.

Just what you'd want in a Moroccan earring, but we may have others and even some older rings, see also MR101, MR102, MR103 or just search Moroccan to see rings, pendants and earrings too.

As with all our stock, supplies are very limited, so if it's your size and you can afford it don't hesitate too long! Snap it up!

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: H 49 mm  x Face width 38 mm

Weight: 18 grams.