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Algerian, Large Enamelled Bracelet

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 A large Algerian hinged silver wristcuff decorated with applied twirling spirals of silver wire filled with ultramarine, mustard and lime green enamelling, set with six round Red Coral domes. Over both the lock and the hinge (in effect on the front and back) a scalloped panel of decorated silver adds a raised central ridge running the whole length.

It splits in half lengthwise along the hinge, to close on the wrist allowing it to lock with a sliding pin.

The body Length measures 106 mm (with the pin it's 122 mm) the two ends are very close in size one being 67 mm x 65 mm, the other  68 mm x 63 mm.

Avoid squeezing or altering the shape, it's very tempting but could at worst cause the enamel to chip or flake, but even the minimum adjustment will affect the tension that holds the locking pin in place. There are two small (3 mm) chips in the deep blue enamel at one end which you can wear as the less important end (remember that being real enamel it is glass melted onto the metal and as such can react as glass to mistreatment.)

I wouldn't polish this piece as silver only improves with age, however, when you decide to do it a careful polish with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" will bring up the details without removing the darker background oxides. Avoid liquid cleaners.

From the "Greater Kabylia" region of Northern Algeria.


Age: This century.

Size: Length 122 mm x W 67 mm.

Weight: 339 grams