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Moroccan, Old Enamelled Silver Ring.

 Sorry, this charming old rind is no longer available. However, we may still have some similar ones.

 A characterful old Moroccan Silver Ring, a fairly broad grooved band with a knocked eight lobed "flower" with a raised central boss, topped with a small ring in the style of the band. (this could always accomodate a dangle or "jingly bits" if you so desire!)

Fine twisted silver wire filigree seperates "cloisonnes" of green and yellow enamels. These enamels have chipped and flaked a little with repeated knocks over time leaving a couple of gaps in the of mid yellowy gold  and lime green enamel.

From the "ante Atlas" region of Southern Morocco.

The broad ( 6 mm) band has worn wire "squiggle" decoration and would fit a finger about Size "O" (US 7)

The silver has a relaxed grey patina. I think it's perfect as it is and would be wearing one of them if they fitted me.

However a careful polish with a dry Silver Polishing Cloth when you think it needs it will remove a lot of its age but will also reveal the brilliance of its detail in the process.

Just what you'd want in an old Moroccan ring, see also MR100, MR101, MR102 or just search "Moroccan" to see pendants too.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: Face 13 mm

Weight: 3 grams.