AUD $280.00

Multan Enamelled Pendant

A large enamelled silver pendant from Multan in Southern Pakistan. Motifs and interlocking borders of recessed channels have been filled with baked deep blue and green enamels. About 20 % of this enamel has been dislodged over it's history, (but mostly from the lower section and which is less important visually, when worn) leaving the incised channels it was painted into. (oxidation of these channels indicates the age of these losses and some are fairly old.)

There is a hint of "hamsa" in this piece, that's in the overall shape, the curved top and the scallopped "fingers" but this is also reinforced by the inclusion of two feet (or hands) in the centre of the decoration. These feet may be of course be a reference to the Muslim Prophet Ibrahim, and therefore possibly refer to the Hajj.

The rich ultramarine and emerald enamels tone beautifully with the gently patinated silver, the reverse however has a chunky simplicity which gives you a choice of "wears" for those times when you might want a plainer silver pendant.

For on the reverse the only decoration is the chunky reinforcing shaft that strengthens the join of the pendant and it's solidly geometric suspension ring (6 mm hole) and the hint or ghost of the imprinted channels which are just visible on this plain side.

This large hole will easily take a sizeable chain, cord or even a medium choker.

The silver although previously owned and worn has not acquired a heavy patina, yet, so the silver content is not as high as say Sterling, (it is not stamped 925, and therefore is not a tourist piece) but more likely has about 70 -80 % silver which we call "Tribal Silver" and takes longer to oxidize.

I wouldn't polish this piece, myself, but if you should want to just carefully use a dry Silver Polishing Cloth.

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: H 109 mm x W 90 mm x D 11 mm

Weight: 55 grams