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Nepalese Amber & Silver Necklace.

Sorry, this extraordinary necklace has "gone over the water" and is no longer available.

 This rather evocative necklace is made up on hollow silver barrels, decorated with a dinosaur or reptile skin pattern embellished with inset tumbled nuggets of yellowy Baltic Amber. This Amber is 40-60 million old fossilized tree sap, taken from its original necklace it has been unthreaded and very economically pinned into its individual silver bezels.

The overall effect is one of Barbarian or Medieval chunkiness, conjuring all sorts of historical references, it would love to be involved in a costume drama or dress up function.

The silver has a dark grey patina, which to me indicates some age, but not a lot of wear. This may indicate a long period on display (in a shop or dealers perhaps) where it was hung but never polished. So if you want a bit of dark mystery combined with the magical qualities of Baltic Amber wear this neck as it is, but if your bent is to polish. Then a gentle rub with a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" picking up the individual "lumps" whilst holding the bead firmly in your other hand, will bring up these highpoints contrasting richly with areas of the darker oxide surrounding each lump.

It has been threaded on a strong waxed thread with a loop and an old olive green Tibetan Turquoise toggle, for security and to protect the back of the neck. This Turquoise may be an indication of its threading, as in Nepal they would have this particular  old green Turquoise at hand to use.

It has a healthy bulk and hangs fairly low on the chest, on the breast bone rather than the collar bone.



Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: L 687 mm x W 38 mm.

Weight: 216 grams