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Nepalese Coral & Turquoise Pendant

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An extraordinary, almost Aztec pendant combining carved silver and brass in swirling coils and spirals, infilled with mosaics of tiny Turquoise chips.

 Set into this is one old deep teal flat Ladakhi Turquoise, (the shape may indicate that it has come from a Perak) a yellow Baltic Amber and three Old Red Corals, each of which is set with a tiny Turquoise inlay. This Turquoise mosaic inlay is usually Kasmiri so there may be a North Indian link.

The combination of the two metals and the swirling smoke coils and mosaic give this piece a uniquely dynamic feel.

The suspension tube has a 5 mm opening, that would allow the use of either a chain or cord for wear.

Age: Less than 10 years.

Size: H 77 mm x W 52 mm, hole  5 mm

Weight: 36 grams