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Nepalese Hill Tribe Necklace

Multi strands (4) of intertwined, old opaque red glass beads, known as Hill Coral.
Tied off with a button hole/loop and an old coin as the ”button.”
In original condition with natural buff cotton binding and a_”one quarter anna” coin from British India, dated 1936.
The coin’s featured side has the head of King George the Sixth, defaced by two holes for the cord.
These small barrel shaped beads both represent the colour and protective powers of Genuine Red Coral.
For those Tribes who couldn’t afford expensive imported real Coral, red glass achieved the same role scaring away Demons and protecting the wearer, plus being red and therefore energizing the blood.
But in size they also imitate the red and black seed known as
”Job’s Tears.” (Which are probably worn by tribes who don’t have access to genuine coral or red glass imitations!)
These multi strands have an innocent simplicity in the relaxed way they drape when worn.
Found in the Nepalese foothills, possibly originally from Assam or Nagaland.

Size; L 70.5 cm

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Weight: 87 grams.