AUD $78.00

Nepalese, Hilltribe Beads


Multi  strands of fine glass beads worn by Hilltribes in Nepal and also Northern India. (This neck was sourced in Kathmandu for us, some years ago.)

Made up of 15 strands with a mix of tiny handmade glass beads, some opaque (yellow, orange) translucent (red) and even one using white hearts (red) all hand threaded in 2/2's and 1/1's (with some mistakes or creative "abrash" including a few deliberately placed groups of whites, to add to its joyfullness !)

On original thread, so don't treat it too roughly, it is made to slip over the head without opening. The ends of the threads are bound and joined in an unusual angular knot which is in turn tightly bound, this is in turn a fairly good reference when determining its age.

I've heard these referred to as "wedding necklaces" which may be true (but is a very overused term) so they may not receive that much wear, however the binding on this one is quite worn and darkly discoloured.  This indicates at least one previous owner, who wore it over a period of time.

For other variants, see also NH101, NH102 and NH103.

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: L 640 mm, in a circle to go over the head.

Weight:  63 grams