AUD $180.00

Nepalese Hilltribe, Necklace.

An impressive necklace from the “Rai” tribes of the Eastern foothills of Nepal.
Basically two decorated hollow boxes joined by four snake chains, made of a brassy alloy that may contain a little silver, or may not.
It’s like a mild golden hued silver toned down with a slight patina of age, especially in the recesses.

These “boxes” the main central front one square, the other at the back of the neck smaller and round, are heavily chased with symmetrical foliage on the square and circles of raised bosses on the round.
This smaller round one covers a large “S” hook for fastening, at the back of the neck.
The design of this neck is light but looks solid, it sits perfectly.

Sourced in the back streets of Kathmandu for us early this century.
He told me it was “Rai” but sadly, wasn’t specific as to which of the many subtribes.
Anyway a bit of mystery and a chance for the collector to research for themselves, is half the fun.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 825 mm overall, H 72 mm x W 79 mm, (of central square box.)

Weight: 251 grams.