AUD $120.00

Nepalese Hilltribe Coin Necklace.

An old Rai Hilltribe Coin Necklace from the steamy Nepalese Terai, with sixteen coins bound onto double string with faded black cotton.

It is very simple, with no catch or button, simply tying at the back of the neck, thereby also being adjustable.

The dull black cotton bindingboth decorates and reinfordes the string that supports the evenly spaced coins.

When the coins have finished the binding changes to a faded handwoven black cotton sleeve, which allows easier tying and untying at the back of the neck.

On one side where the binding and sleeve meet there is a small gap exposing the string. (I don't think it is any weaker, but take a little care not to enlarge it .)

This piece is both old and "intacto" which is rare, older pieces usually have repairs or serious damage.

I'm not sure about the coins, they're silvery, circular and have decorative rings soldered onto them for threading.

One coin face has circular borders of text enclosing a sword and garland. On the other a vertical "trident" (Shiva's?) in a square within circular borders once again with Indian or Nepalese text. So if it's Hindu it could be either, and coins of course get around.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.

Size: L 66 mm (overall)  x W 3 cm. To fit a neck about 47 cm after tying.

Weight: 125 grams.