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Nepalese, Old Temple Bell.

Sorry this old bell is no longer available.
A small “lost wax” cast brass bell from a Nepalese Temple, in the Kathmandu region.

I’m told that these are donated to the Temple, hung over a long period, often for ringing by passing supplicants, help in their prayers.
Then they are eventually replaced by newer freshly donated ones.
Those that are no longer needed are sold, this one being collected in Kathmandu.

The metal has acquired an interesting patina, with a slightly rough encrustation and tiny pin pricks of verdigris, over a long time.
It doesn’t exhibit the smooth mellowness of brass that has been handled, so I suspect it may have been hung where the wind might ring it.
Or as I’ve seen in some Temples, been simply hung in a mass as a garland, as a passive offering.

The interior is equally aged and the “clapper” is hand beaten of iron with old rust evident.

You obviously wouldn’t attempt to polish this bell, as its character is built into its surface.

To suspend it just use a soft cotton or silk cord, as chain would be too rough on it.

Age: Mid 20 th Century, maybe earlier.

Size: H 78 mm x W 58 mm.

Weight: 128 grams.