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Nepalese, Round Pendant

Sorry, this pendant is no longer available. However we may still have some smaller ones. 

Here's a circular, double sided handmade silver and brass Nepalese Pendant, set with a central round dome of genuine Red Coral. This stone is set in a field of swirling carved brass framed with a detailed Silver edge.

Some areas are filled in with mosaics of tiny Turquoises, as is 5 mm wide suspension ring which will easily accomodate a chain, cord or choker.

One side has a larger Coral surrounded by a field of carved brass foliage, the reverse has less brass with stylized spirals surrounding a band of mosaic which enclosing a carved silver circle set with a slightly smaller Red Coral.

These stones are traditionally worn throughout the Himalayas both for their rich colours and their protection against  Evil and Misfortune.

I'm assuming this pendant was made by Tibetan refugees working in Nepal but may also be Nepalese work, too.

Remember, Turquoise doesn't like being subjected to chemicals, cleaners or hot soapy water, all of these may affect the stones colour.

And extreme heat, like on a windowsill, can sometimes melt the "bituminous " resin used to hold the mosaic inlays...

Age: Contemporary

Size: H 65 mm, Diam. of face  58 mm.

Weight:  46 grams