AUD $160.00

Nepalese, Tharu Choker.

A large, circular, solid cast brass alloy choker from the Tharu of the Dang Region of far Western Nepal.
Something straight out of Roman Europe, you could be mistaken, it has a fascinating design cast in one piece, one half is covered in incised and carved detail.

The white metal (not silver) is somewhere in colour between iron and brass, slightly dark with the highlights still catching the light.
Polishing might bring it up more, but heck, why do it, I’d let it be dark and mysteriously primitive.

It is strong and doesn’t stretch, so be careful getting into it, the narrow gap is only 58 mm.
(which is sad as it would look amazing on a well built bare chest at a big party! And ouch, it doesn’t go over the head even if you turn it round so that your nose fits through the gap.)
If that 58 mm gap is feasible then relax, raise your chin and approach from the side, touch the back of the neck and swing the gap in an arch towards your throat. It’s surprisingly easy if it’s going to happen.

Interesting to note the recurved terminals (either side of the gap) are very similar to those of Western India and the Swat Valley in Pakistan. Perhaps they did come with the Rajputs fleeing East from the Mughals that are said to have settled in the Terai ?

We may still have a few similar pieces, to see them try searching for "choker" on this site.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: Diameter 190 mm, gap 58 mm.

Weight: grams.