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Nepalese, Tharu Necklace.

Sorry this neck is no longer available.
A dramatic segmented hollow brass alloy Kantshri necklace from the Rana Tharu of the steamy Terai slopes of Western Nepal.
Threaded onto two faded thick cotton cords that come together at the back of the neck. All stitches and bindings are hand done and have been reworked as needed over the years, none of which appear recent.

It's bound in places with old umber thread and after two worn old Indian (1910 or 1918?) Silver Half Rupee coins, which have been mounted before threading onto the cords which have in turn been covered with black cotton fabric, in effect being handsewn into tubing.

These blackish tubes culminate in a loop, for securing during wear with an old oxidized metal button which is probably ex- Army (?)
The segments sit well on the chest fanning out from the centre and hugging the contours comfortably.

The silvery alloy has a relaxed very slightly brassy tone with expected grime and age and many tiny knocks and dents.

Because of its history and manufacture I wouldn't attempt polishing it as the repeated pressures would place more stress on its structure than it was designed for.

In good condition this is the best piece we’ve had, others usually have had recent repairs or serious fraying.

Also often none are available, so we choose from what turns up, when we can get them.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 486 mm, overall x W 58 mm up the main central metal beads.

Weight: 167 grams.