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Nepalese Turquoise & Coral Ring

Sorry, this chunky ring is no longer available as it has gone to a good home. 

Here's a heavy, handmade silver Nepalese ring, set with an oval Tibetan Turquoise surrounded by 4 round Red Corals and 4 more round Turquoises. The silver shank is engraved with foliage and decorated with applied balls and twisted wire filigree.

These stones are traditionally worn together throughout the Himalayas both for their rich complementary colours and their power in dispelling Evil and Misfortune.

This longer oval setting is always flattering on the finger, having that sort after elongating effect.

I'm assuming this ring was made by Tibetan refugees working in Nepal but may be Nepalese work, too.

Remember, Turquoise doesn't like being subjected to chemicals, cleaners or hot soapy water, all of these may affect the stones colour.

Age: Contemporary

Size: L 45 mm x W 28 mm, to fit a finger a little large than Size "S" (US 9.25)

Weight: 25 grams