AUD $140.00

Nepalese, Wooden Nandi Statue.

A very old much handled and worn wooden statue from Nepal of Shiva’s Bull, Nandi.

Made for domestic Hindu worship and possibly used as a toy.

The grain is well defined from handling and the rich patina is very mature.
The surface is covered with countless tiny scratches and knocks all indicating considerable age.
There is a rusty old tack beaten and bent in the throat, possibly to support a bell.
The detail of the ears and horns is so well defined but still quite subtle, so is the tail clearly delineated.

It sits on two low blocks that may or may not represent folded legs, these are seperated from the body by two 2cm hexagonal chiselled holes.(These may define legs or perhaps they contained an axle for wheels?)

Very similar to toy bulls made in India, although they usually have legs if not wheels, too.

A light rub and buff with antique or bees wax would work well in feeding the grain and deepening the colour.
As the wood is very dry it would respond to a feed with colourless wax.

Found for us in the backstreets of Bharatpur, early this century.

Age: 19th/Early 20th Century, possibly a lot older.

Size: L 165 mm x H 196 mm x D 45 mm.

Weight: 298 grams.